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Welcome to the Beavercreek Township Website. Within this website you will find information about Beavercreek Township and its Departments, Divisions, Boards, and events. In addition, most activities, schedules, community events, legal notices, and department/board information are posted within the News and Announcement section, as well as on the Township calendar page.

As written by Frank B. Zink, "Beavercreek Township is one of the original four townships in this section of the state. It extended as far north as Lake Erie. It is a beautiful valley, fertile, well timbered, rolling and picturesque. It is noted for its fine farms. The high ridge separating Beaver Creek and Mad River is a particularly fine fruit section." Beavercreek Township encompasses 50 square miles of Greene County, and is bordered by Fairborn, Xenia, Sugarcreek, and Dayton.

Please contact Township Administration at (937) 429-4472 with any questions, concerns, or for more information. Thank you for visiting the Beavercreek Township Website.

Township Staff Quick Contact Information

Below is a Quick Contact Information list:

- Township Administration - 937.429.4472

- Road Department - 937.429.3672

- Fire Department - 937.426.1213

- Zoning Department - 937.306.0065

- Park Board - 937.429.4472

- Information Technology - 937.427.6565

- Human Resources - 937.426.1213

- Greene County Sheriff Beavercreek Sub-Station - 937.306.5055

Elected Officials

Beavercreek Township is governed by three board of Trustees who are elected every four years in November.
Two board members are elected the year after a presidential election. The third trustee and fiscal officer are elected the year before it.
Members of the Board of Trustees' term begin on January 1 after their election.
The fiscal officer's term begins on April 1 of the year after their election.
Vacancies for any Beavercreek Township public official position are filled by the remaining trustees.

Please review §503.24, §505.01, and §507.01 of the Ohio Revised Code for more information.

The elected officials for Beavercreek Township are:

Trustee Ms. Debborah L. Wallace
Term: 2018-2021


E-mail: dwallace@beavercreektownship.org

Trustee Mr. Tom Kretz
Term: 2018-2021


E-mail : tkretz@beavercreektownship.org



Trustee Mr. Jeff Roberts


E-mail : jroberts@beavercreektownship.org

Fiscal Officer Ms. Christy Ahrens
Term: April 1, 2016- March 31, 2020


E-mail : cahrens@beavercreektownship.org



Elected officials meet publicly every two weeks. Please view the Calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

For more information about Beavercreek Township Elected Officials, please contact Township Administration at (937) 429-4472.

Township Administration is located at: 851 Orchard Lane, Suite C, Beavercreek, Ohio 45434.

Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except holidays.

Township Staff

pictureBeavercreek Township staff work to maintain the daily operations of the Township, including accounting and payroll.




The Beavercreek Township Administration office is located at:
851 Orchard Lane Suite C
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except holidays. Please contact Township Administration for more information at (937) 429-4472. Opt. 5

Township Administrator

Township Administrator

The Township Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer, comparable to a city manager in a non-partisan role, and manages the daily operations of the Township.

About the Administrator

Alex Zaharieff began his service as the Township Administrator for Beavercreek Township in 2011. Overall, Mr. Zaharieff has twenty-nine years of local government experience which includes service for three diverse jurisdictions.   

Mr. Zaharieff was appointed by the Board of Trustees as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township with overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of all Township functions. As the first Township Administrator, he directed the creation of a township-manager form of government. Mr. Zaharieff directs and coordinates the overall activities and provides direct supervision of all Township department heads and administrative staff, including: Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Road Department, Planning/Zoning, Human Resources, and Information Technology.  Mr. Zaharieff is responsible for coordinating the annual Township budget process and presenting it to the Board of Trustees for approval.   

Mr. Zaharieff has both a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor Degree from Wright State University. He currently serves, has past service, or membership on the following Boards and organizations:

•    International City/County Management Association
•    Ohio City/County Management Association
•    Dayton Area Mangers Association
•    Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Directors Beavercreek Chamber
•    Rotary Club of Beavercreek
•    Civilian Co-Chair of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Environmental Restoration Committee
•    Greene County Career Center, Advisory Committee Member for Health/Legal Technology

Mr. Zaharieff lives in Beavercreek Township with his wife and children.  


A Message from the Administrator

I am very proud to serve the great community of Beavercreek Township that I have called home for over 40 years. As Beavercreek Township continues to grow it faces several challenges.  These challenges will and must cause us to rethink how we do business as well as what services and level of services the Township can provide to its citizens. On behalf of the full-time and part-time employees of Beavercreek Township, we are committed to serving our community in an efficient, accountable and transparent manner while making customer service our number one priority.

Please feel free to contact me at TA@beavercreektownship.org should you have any questions or concerns relating to Beavercreek Township.

Township History

History of Beavercreek Township
by Frank B. Zink
(Taken from Robinson’s 1961 Rural Directory)

pictureBeavercreek Township is one of the original four townships in this section of the state. It extended as far north as Lake Erie. It is a beautiful valley, fertile, well timbered, rolling and picturesque. It is noted for its fine farms. The high ridge separating Beaver Creek and Mad River is a particularly fine fruit section.

The Pennsylvania and CH & D Railroads and the Dayton and Xenia Traction ran from west to east across the township. The Dayton and Xenia Turnpike was first built from Dayton to Alpha about 1858 and was later completed to Xenia, this affording the chief means of communication with market between these cities. This was built by a joint stock company and kept up in repair by collections made in the common way at the tollgate. Good roads extended throughout the township.

Beavercreek Township is the cradle of Greene County, for it was the little log cabin built by Benjamin Whiteman, occupied by Peter Borders, a short distance south of the log mill of Owen Davis erected in 1798 on Beavercreek that the first meeting of the associate judges of Greene County met May 10, 1803. It was at this first meeting of the judges that the county was laid out by the order of the court and their boundaries designated.

In Beavercreek was the first mill north of Cincinnati where corn was ground for the settlers. It was called the Alpha Mill from the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The courthouse, mill and two block houses built for defense were near enough together to be inclosed in a stockade should the Indians become troublesome. The old log courthouse was the first licensed tavern in the county. It was located on what is now the A. Z. Heller home a short distance south of Alpha.

William Maxwell, first printer and publisher in the Northwest Territory lived near Trebein and is believed to be buried about a mile southwest of Trebein on a knoll just back of his cabin.

Mr. John Harbine and Mr. Needles laid out the town of Alpha in 1854. When what is now the Pennsylvania railroad was built, Mr. Harbine gave land required and the station was named Harbine. It was a lively manufacturing center with its distillery, flour, cotton, woolen, grist, saw and oil mills, and did a large tobacco, grain, and shipping business to all parts of the country. From the first mill and the first barrel of flour which was marked "Alpha" the name has clung to the place. There are in the town a nice brick church, a school, a post office, coal office, two stores and at upper Alpha a K of P Hall, a blacksmith shop and Beavercreek Township High School built in 1888. The waters of Beaver Creek have turned the wheels of grist mills for more than a century, and the old dam and old covered bridge torn down recently is an attractive place for picnics, fishing and swimming parties, but the block houses, mills, and store houses are no longer to be seen and the valley is peaceful, productive and beautiful.

Trebein formerly known as Pinkneyville, Frost Station and Beaver Station is two miles nearer Xenia. Pinkney Road running from Cincinnati through Bellbrook, through Trebein, through Oldtown and into Xenia was a very busy thoroughfare in the 1800’s, bringing supplies to and from Cincinnati.

Zimmerman about two miles west of Alpha on the Old Dayton and Xenia Pike had a blacksmith shop, grocery, school house and two Dunkard Churches. The railroad station is a quarter of a mile south of Zimmerman and is named Shoups Station.

New Germany in the northwest corner of the township was a settlement of farmers of German extraction. It has two blacksmith shops, two grocery stores, dry goods store, a saloon, a school house and an Old Stage Coach Inn. The main thoroughfare running from Cincinnati through Dayton, Fairfield, Springfield and Columbus, passed through New Germany using the Old Stage Coach Inn as a stopping place. New Germany had a band organized in 1896, which played at political rallies, lawn fetes, picnics and many other places where they were in demand.

The first school in Beavercreek Township was a log structure on the Jacob Coy farm on Shakertown Road. Later Beavercreek had eleven one room elementary schools and two, two room schools and a High School. In 1932 Beavercreek consolidated their schools into one fine school now known as Beavercreek Main.

Beavercreek in the last few years is fast growing from rural to urban life. Many of the rich farm lands have developed into fine residential areas.

Sheriff Substation

pictureThe Greene County Sheriff's Office patrols throughout Beavercreek Township. In 2006, Beavercreek Township signed an agreement providing space within Beavercreek Township Fire Department's Station 61 for use by the Greene County Sheriffs patrolling in western Greene County. Called the Greene County Sheriffs Beavercreek Sub-Station, this post provides two office spaces for Sheriff Deputies to use. A network path (VPN) back to Greene County Sheriff Headquarters in Xenia allows their deputies to access software programs and databases in a secure manner used for daily operations.

The Greene County Sheriff Beavercreek Sub-Station is located at:

Greene County Sheriff Beavercreek Sub-Station

Beavercreek Township Fire Department Station 61

2195 Dayton Xenia Road Beavercreek, OH 45434

The sub-station is located on the southwest side of Station 61. Signs indicate an entrance area.

To contact the Greene County Sheriffs' Beavercreek Sub-Station, please call (937) 306-5055. (After 4-6 rings, if the deputy is unavailable, this number will forward to Greene County dispatch center for message taking.)


For more information on the Greene County Sheriff's Department, please see their webpage.







Pictures below taken by Detective Shawn Bradley, who was assigned to the Beavercreek Township Substation.