Congratulations to Mrs. Carol Graff and Ms. Debborah Wallace

The Township would like to congratulate Mrs. Carol Graff for 24 years as a Beavercreek Township Trustee and a total of 43 years she has served her community. We want to extend to Mrs. Graff our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for her exemplary service and dedication to the citizens of Beavercreek Township, as well as the citizens of the City of Beavercreek and congratulate her on her retirement from Beavercreek Township. Mrs. Graff’s grace, integrity and extensive historical knowledge, in addition to her commitment to the employees of Beavercreek Township, will be greatly missed.
We also congratulate and welcome Ms. Debborah Wallace as the newly elected Township Trustee. Ms. Wallace brings years of experience to the Township and we want to wish her the best of luck as a Beavercreek Township Trustee.