Public Service


Responsibilities of Beavercreek Township's Public Service Department include performing building, vehicle, and ground maintenance. The following list outlines department operations:

  • 72 township vehicles including both fire and road along with various pieces of small equipment
  • All township owned buildings that include 5 fire stations, fire administration, the township offices, and the Beavercreek Library
  • Beaver cemetery


History & Responsibilities

On March 29, 1940, Thomas Ferguson was appointed as Road Boss, the first employee of the road department. Since that date the department has increased with the growth of the community. In the 1940’s the department was responsible for road maintenance and snow removal. Over the years the department responsibilities have changed to include the following:

  • maintenance and improvements for approx. 47 miles of Township roads
  • snow-ice removal
  • road-curb repairs
  • pothole patching
  • street sweeping
  • storm drainage maintenance
  • storm sewer-catch basin maintenance
  • resurfacing
  • maintenance at all township facilities
  • inspection of contractor work within the road right-of-way
  • field preparation
  • grass cutting
  • abatement of nuisance properties
  • Right-of-way and Driveway permits
  • right of way maintenance to maintain safe roadways and sidewalks
  • cemetery maintenance
  • subdivision inspections
  • fleet maintenance
  1. T. Parks web 2

    Tim Parks

    Director of Public Service
    Phone: 937-429-3672 ext. 4002

  1. J.Schroeder web

    John Schroeder

    Deputy Director of Public Service
    Phone: 937-429-3672 ext. 4004

  1. B Northup Web

    Ben Northup

    Shop Foreman
    Phone: 937-429-3672 ext.4003