Community Development and Risk Department

Welcome to the Beavercreek Township Community Development and Risk Assessment Department 

The Community Development (Zoning (CDD)) is a division of the Community Development and Risk Department in Beavercreek Township.  The department is a critical component of the Beavercreek Township Zoning/Planning/Development organization and ensures the Township’s residents are adhering to the legislative and legal requirements outlined in the Beavercreek Township Zoning Resolution and abiding by specific articles contained within the Resolution when requesting updates to dwellings and or properties.  CDD ensures that any new Development coming into the Township meets the rules, conducts all the required studies, and supplies additional resource contacts as needed..

The CDD group is made up of (3) three personnel of varying job experience and educational backgrounds.  1 One Zoning Inspector, 1 Community Development Economic Administrator, and 1 CDD Director.

The Community Director oversees all work conducted within the Zoning, Development and Planning areas in addition to his additional roles of Fire Marshal and Director of the Risk (FPB) group.  He reviews all communications, plans, supplies guidance and assists with the many high-level decision making required to move projects withing the CDD organization forward.

The Community Development Economic Administrator manages the overall work of the Zoning, Planning and Development group.  Works extensively with outside builders, property owners, local, county, regional and state organization ensuring our Zoning Regulations are what they need to be.   Ensuring we are adhering to the requirements of the EPA, ODNR, ODOT, among others as well as bring forth any changes needed to ensure we are meeting the need of all stake holders as well as residents.   Currently the CDDEA is working on updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan which has not been updated in 10 or so years.  This is a very involved project which includes involvement from the residents, business owners and other stakeholders within the township.  Another piece of the CDDEA is to ensure we are planning for future growth while ensuring maintaining of our natural resources, waterways, utilities and open space.

The Zoning inspector reviews all permit submissions ensuring they follow the rules of given permit and the Zoning Resolution requirements, records the permit, and completes a final inspection of completed work for: Fences, Decks, Pools, Additions, Commercial Additions, Accessory Structures, Commercial Accessory Structures, Dwellings, Telecommunications, Tents, and Signs.  Works with residents on complaints of property issues.  First point of contact for residents to initiate ZC or BZA hearing requests.

In addition, the CDD group participates in several public education activities that benefit the citizens of Beavercreek and promote understanding of what all the CDD group does.  How it effects residents and how to navigate the processes necessary to expedite changes to one’s property.

Overall, the CDD group performs many actions that are not seen by all residents but that have effect on all residents.  This group ensures residents of Beavercreek Township live in an area they want to be in and help them to keep it that way as well as allow parts of the Township to grow and flourish.  CDD is a small group of people who are walk the fine line between enabling change wanted and keeping existing areas pristine.

Fiber Work in Neighborhoods

Beavercreek Township is experiencing rapid expansion of fiber utility services at this time. Several internet providers are working in the Township right now, with continued activity expected through 2023. The Township is aware that this work can often feel disruptive to a neighborhood as crews work within the public Right Of Way and even on private property within designated utility easements. However, these services have been designated public utilities at the State level and have the legal right to perform work in designated easements. The Township has no legal authority to restrict this work, and responsibility for any damages or trespassing into private property lies with the individual service providers performing the utility work. The Township encourages residents to reach out to the Customer Service numbers listed below for the internet providers known to be operating in the Township if residents have any concerns or complaints about the work being done in your neighborhood.

Additional providers have plans to bring their services to the area, and the Township will update this contact list as we are made aware of new providers working in neighborhoods

MetroNet  (844) 405-1114

 AT+T  (800) 331-0500

 AltaFiber  (513) 838-3647

 Spectrum  (833) 267-6094

Access Permit Applications Online

Beavercreek Township Zoning forms and applications are accessible from the Applications & Procedures webpage.


Zoning meetings are held monthly for Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.


For a complete list of Beavercreek Township Calendar events, including Zoning meetings, please view the Calendar.

Zoning Requests

All zoning requests can be directed to the Community Development & Risk Department.

Zoning Resolution

Click Zoning Commission Resolution - 6-9-22 to download a copy of the Zoning Resolution

Zoning Map

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Township Land Use Plan

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