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Welcome to the Beavercreek Township Community Development and Risk Assessment Department. Information about Beavercreek Township Zoning forms, applications and the Zoning Resolution are accessible from the Applications & Procedures webpage.


Zoning meetings are held monthly for the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Community Development and Risk Department (CD&R), has recently examined our practices in an effort to better serve our community and streamline our operations. One area that we identified for examination was the intake and approval of Zoning Permits. After reviewing our Standard Operating Procedures, the CD&R office has instituted some policy adjustments. 

  • Applications must be completely filled out in order to be accepted and processed by the CD&R office. Often, applications are sent to us with crucial information missing. This includes everything from the Parcel ID # to dimension information. In order to help facilitate the completion of permit applications, our office has developed online submission forms. It is highly recommended that permit applications be submitted through our website. Links to the permits can be found here: We are currently developing the ability to accept online payments and will communicate again when that feature is available. In the interim, if you complete an application online, you will still need to either mail or deliver the permit fee to our office. No additional paper copies of the application are required. However, please include something to reference the street address associated with the permit.
  • The CD&R office will no longer fill out missing sections of permit applications. Right now, we often fill in missing information on submitted applications. After reviewing this practice, we have determined that doing so could lead to potential legal challenges. We will be requiring applicants to make any corrections to incompletely or incorrectly submitted paper forms. Online submissions will require all fields to be filled in, which is a great way to make sure you won’t need to re-submit forms.
  • Each permit application must contain a plot plan that clearly denotes the proposed structure, yard setback lines, and any easements on the property. Plot plans must include dimension information for the setbacks, structure boundaries, and easements. It is important to note that we will no longer process any permit applications that are not accompanied by a plot plan. If you are completing an online application, and are unable to include a digital copy of the plot plan, please upload a text document explaining that the plot plan will be mailed in or delivered along with the permit application fee.
  • The CD&R office does not require, nor desire, building plans to be included in non-commercial permit applications. We are asking builders and developers to please no longer include building plans with non-commercial permit applications. Our office can make any zoning determinations by examining a completed plot plan (as described in the above paragraph).

The CD&R staff appreciates your understanding and cooperation as we institute these policy adjustments. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent customer service, and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Zoning Requests

All zoning requests can be directed to the Community Development & Risk Department.

Zoning Resolution

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