Permit Applications & Procedures

The following applications and permits are in context to Zoning within Beavercreek Township. If you need assistance selecting the correct application, or would like more information about Zoning procedures, please call the Zoning Department at 937-306-0065 or contact the Zoning Department.

Commercial Permits

Commercial Swimming Pool Permit

Commercial Accessory Structure P

Commercial Addition Permit

Commercial Sign Permit

Right of Way Permit

Telecommunications Permit

New Home Permits

Residential Dwelling Permit

Driveway Permit 

Residential Permits

Residential Accessory Structure 03/08/22

Residential Addition Permit

Deck Permit

Fence Permit

Swimming Pool Permit

Temporary Permits

Temporary Sign Permit

Temporary Tent Permit

*Fees may be paid via check, credit card, or E-Check (if paying by credit card, a convenience fee will be added to the total. If paying by E-Check, a flat rate of $1.75 will be added to the total).* 

While permit submission via our website is preferred, we understand that unique circumstances may require a paper copy to be submitted. Printable copies of Zoning permits can be found through the link below:

Printable Zoning Permits