US 35 Projects

Superstreet Intersection U.S. 35 at Factory Road and Orchard Lane

Paving Work Scheduled For U.S. 35 Superstreet

Weather permitting, contractors for the Ohio Department of Transportation will begin paving through the mainline on U.S. 35 on Monday, Oct. 18. Evening and overnight lane restrictions are anticipated to be in effect through Thursday, Oct. 21, with crews working from 7 p.m. each night to 7 a.m. the following day.  

Following paving operations, crews will work to place traffic in its final configuration and open the loons. Currently, it is anticipated that the left-turn and crossover movements from Factory Road and Orchard Lane to U.S. 35 will be eliminated and the loons open to traffic late next week or early the following week.

Once the RCUT and loons are open to traffic, motorists traveling on either Factory Road or Orchard Lane will be required to turn right onto U.S. 35 and either continue to the nearby loon, where they can make a legal U-turn and proceed on U.S. 35 in the opposite direction or return to either of the side streets. Left-turn movements from U.S. 35 to either Factory Road or Orchard Lane will continue to be permitted, and traffic at these intersections, as well as at the loons, will be controlled by signals. 

To see a video of traffic operations in an RCUT similar to the Superstreet, click on the image below: US 35 Superstreet Opens in new window[]

What is a Superstreet?

  • It is a non-traditional signalized intersection that can provide more capacity than a traditional traffic signal.
  • It does not allow side street traffic to turn left or go straight through the main intersection – these movements turn right and do a U-turn at a nearby signal to get to their desired path.

Superstreet Advantages

  • It would provide considerable improvement in operations until the interchanges can be funded/built.
    1. Total Cost for a Bridge over U.S. 35- $93.6 million
      • 80% State $75.88 million
      • 20% Local $18.72 million
    2. Superstreet Cost-$15 million
  • Higher Capacity - Breaks movements of a traditional 8 phase intersection into several smaller 2 phase intersections.  This allows more GREEN time to be directed to heavy movements (higher capacity compared to a traditional signal).
  • The signals can be program or operated during major local events
  • Provides much better coordination (both directions independent) which should reduce the amount of times vehicles stop going through the corridor.
  • Proposed Superstreet signal can process 836 more vehicles per hour on U.S. 35 compared to the existing signal/timing
  • Less chance of severe angle crashes
  • Safety– fewer conflict points.
    1. Current Conventional Intersection 32 conflict points
    2. Superstreet Intersection 14 conflict points

U.S. 35 Trebein/Valley

Press Release:  35 Interchange Moves Forward at State Level

A new interchange project in Beavercreek Twp. is moving forward, bringing with it enhanced safety, economic development opportunities and improved traffic flow along U.S. 35 in the township and Greene County.  Click the link to read more about it: Press Release

website picture Opens in new window

 Total Cost of the Intersection

  • $32 million
    1. 80% State $25.6 million
    2. 20% Local $6.4 million

2018 ODOT Approved Next Phase II - $2 million

  1. Township was able to negotiate a land donation in the amount of $820,000.00 to move the project to Phase II
  2. 2019 Design and Right-of-Way land negotiation began
  3. Construction Funding application 2021

Questions regarding the U.S. 35 projects in Beavercreek Township should be directed to the Township Administrator, Alex Zaharieff.