The Community Plan

The Community Plan: A Roadmap for Beavercreek Township

What is The Community Plan?

The Community Plan is a project to create a new comprehensive land use plan for Beavercreek Township which reflects the community’s values and priorities. Beavercreek Township has experienced significant growth and change in recent years. Our community now has the opportunity to set a course for the future.

The planning process will be used to identify long-term goals for land use and related polices, programs, and projects. It will determine actionable strategies that will allow the community to leverage its many assets and address its greatest challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comprehensive land use plan?

A comprehensive land use plan is a long-term guide that expresses the values and aspirations of a community. It is the broadest public policy document a community can create for its future physical development. It balances the perspectives of citizens, businesses and other stakeholders. The plan is a tool to prepare for change and acts as a guide for decision-makers. The plan is not a legally binding document, but it can serve as a foundation for budgeting decisions, zoning ordinances, land development regulations and more.

Why does Beavercreek Township need a comprehensive land use plan?

The existing comprehensive land use plan was adopted in 2012. Since then, Beavercreek Township has seen significant growth in population and development. A new plan is needed to reflect current trends and priorities while being focused on the future. Regular planning represents good stewardship and establishes a foundation for well-supported policies to create the best possible future.

Are there opportunities to get involved?

Yes. This is an open and inclusive process. There will be two series of public input opportunities held during the planning process. Anyone who cares about the future of Beavercreek Township will be able to participate and contribute their ideas and insight. Information on opportunities will be provided on this web page and community members can join our mailing list by emailing

Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas?

You are an expert if you live or work in Beavercreek Township. Who knows the community better than someone who lives or works here?

What is the timeline for completing the plan?

The plan is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2023.

We want to hear from you! Do you have comments or questions about the Community Plan? Please get in touch. Your feedback is the key to a successful project! Please use the contact below and request to be added to our email communication list.


2012 Comprehensive Plan

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