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220th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

  1. Scavenger Hunt
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    In conjunction with our 220th anniversary, we have put together a scavenger hunt that will lead you through beautiful Beavercreek Township. The hunt can easily be done over a period of time. Create an account with our website to maintain your progress. Once completed, your form will be submitted to our special events committee for recognition. Complete the hunt before September 10th, 2023, and stop by the Township booth at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival for a special surprise. 

  3. 1) Koogler Wetland/ Prairie Reserve | 2779 Beaver Valley Road

    Fill in the blank from the Welcome Sign: The Koogler Reserve features the only ____ _______ in the wetlands

  4. 2) Russ Nature Reserve | 2380 Kemp Road

    Find the map sign. How many miles is the Russ Loop? 

  5. 3) Russ Nature Reserve | 2380 Kemp Road

    The Nature Playscape was dedicated to who?

  6. 4) Wartinger Park | 3080 Kemp Rd

    The Philip Harshman House (Circa 1804) was originally located on _________ __________ ______.

  7. 5) Siebenthaler Fen Boardwalk- Beavercreek Wildlife Area | 1998 Fairgrounds Road

    Over ____ species occur along the boardwalk and flowering peaks from July through September. 

  8. 6) Beavercreek Community Library | 3618 Dayton Xenia Road

    take a picture with the Beaver and upload it

  9. 7) Beavercreek 9/11 Memorial 1152 North Fairfield Road

    What was the date of the Beavercreek 9/11 Memorial Dedication? 

  10. 8) Greene County Sheriff Sub Station

    located outside of Fire Station 61| 2195 Dayton Xenia Road

    The Safe Exchange Zone is _____ __-__ _______ if you find yourself needing a space to make exchanges due to custody, Internet sales, or personal transactions. 

  11. 9) Beavercreek Township Government Center | 851 Orchard Lane

    How many different suites are at the Government Center, and bonus points if you can name which department is in each suite?

  12. Number of suites:
  13. 10) Phillips Park | 2090 Dayton-Xenia Road

    Phase 1 of the ______ ______ trail begins here.

  14. 11) Greene County- Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport | 140 North Valley Road)

    The future home of ____ _______ __ is located across the street from the airport.  

  15. 12) The Narrows Reserve | 2575 Indian Ripple Road

    The river Loop is:

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